Dr. Martens Carlson Lusso Doc Martens transformed their classic boots into mule slip-ons, so you can lounge around in comfy footwear that feel like elevated Crocs.

Remember when people made fun of Crocs? Yeah, those were the days. Turns out, even more people appreciated the virtues of arch support, ventilation, and comfort, leading us to a day when everyone is making Crocs-like footwear that mirrors its signature characteristics. With the Dr. Martens Carlson Lusso, even a legendary bootmaker is getting in on the Crocs action.

That’s right, Doc Martens is making their own version of mules, so people who are tired of walking around on their boots can kick back and relax in a comfy slip-on without having to give up their beloved boots’ classic aesthetic. If you’ve been hanging out with your friends filled with envy as they walk around in their Birks, Crocs, and all sorts of slippers, here’s your chance to keep your style intact while lounging around in similarly comfy footwear.

The Dr. Martens Carlson Lusso, basically, takes the outfit’s classic boot silhouette and turns it into a comfy sandal with an open back, so you can simply slip your feet in and out as you please. It takes on a traditional mule profile, which doesn’t have the slightly recessed foot pad of clogs, so there’s nothing keeping the shoe from sliding out of your feet while you move around. To compensate, they threw in an adjustable strap that you can flip to the back to keep your foot in place or rest on top of the upper for a more open slip-on function.

It has an upper cut in lightly-textured waxy leather and flat vibe PVC outsole, complete with the outfit’s signature yellow stitching, so the darn thing looks very similar to the outfit’s boots. Except… of course… for the whole sandals thing. Dress it up with pants, though, and most people might not even notice, as the aesthetic is very similar to their standard footwear.

The Dr. Martens Carlson Lusso is available now, priced at £89.

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