Dometic MoBar 550 A weatherproof mobile bar, this combines a large drawer, an insulated ice bucket, a spacious worktop, and a fridge you can cart around the house.

Home bars are great, as they give you a central place to entertain friends on those nights you get together for a few drinks at your house. Problem is, home bars keep you tied to one spot, making it a hassle when want to hang out elsewhere in the house. That’s where mobile home bars come in. If you want one that takes things to the next level, though, you’ll definitely want to check out the Dometic MoBar 550.

Like many mobile home bars, it consists of a cart with various dry compartments for storing bottles, drinkware, and other supplies, as well as a worktop where you can prepare drinks. Unlike them, it goes one step further, throwing in a refrigerated section for chilling beverages, garnishes, and whatever else you need, so you can keep cold drinks and snacks on hand, ready to grab for anyone who wants one.

The Dometic MoBar 550 comes with a large drawer at the bottom that’s large enough to hold over two dozen bottles of your favorite libations, along with a modular storage above it that you can use either as a cabinet or a cooler when using the included ice basket. According to the outfit, the basket is roto-molded, so it will retain ice for extended periods, allowing you to use it as a giant ice bucket where people can scoop their cubes off throughout the party or a cooler to keep beverages chilled out in the open.

Right next to the basket’s compartment is a worktop where you can set down the included wooden cutting board and serving tray, allowing you to wax your mixology skills whenever you’re feeling up to the task (which, we’re guessing, is before you take your third drink of the night). Below the worktop is a refrigerated area, which comes with three removable shelves and six mounting levels, allowing you to arrange it exactly the way you prefer, with enough room inside to accommodate up to 39 bottles of wine. The refrigerated section, by the way, can be adjusted to provide temperatures anywhere from two degrees and 20 degrees Celsius, so these things can keep your drinks properly chilled all through the end of the party.

The Dometic MoBar 550 also comes with two detachable shelves on the side, which you can use to hold the bottles you most frequently use for your mixes, along with integrated lighting to add some illumination to the proceedings. Basically, this has all the storage space you need, and more, to keep a party going. The best part, of course, is its ability to be moved around the house, with its four heavy-duty wheels and robust handle, although you will need to unplug it each time out, since the refrigerated section powers up from a standard wall outlet.

The mobile cart’s body is made from stainless steel, so it’s durable enough to withstand all the roughhousing it’s bound to encounter once people start getting drunk and rowdy at your home party. It’s weatherproof, too, so you can take it out to the backyard or the patio, even on the wetter days of the year.

The Dometic MoBar 550 is available now, priced at $4,399.

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