DomeDock Ball Cap Rack This wall-mounted rack allows you to store up to 15 ball caps, giving you a handy place to stash your snapbacks, trucker hats, and more.

There are many ways to store your ball caps. You can line them up on a desk, stack them in a pile, or hang them on hooks. The latter is, usually, the only option if an empty wall is all you have to stash your headwear collection. Only problem is, a hook can only hold a couple of ball caps at best, requiring you to install a lot of them if you have a generous amount of hats to stash. The DomeDock offers another alternative.

A wall rack for ball caps, the contraption allows you to dock your headwear onto it by the brim, complete with the ability to insert multiple caps behind each one, creating a tall pile. With each rack able to hold over a dozen caps, this allows you to stash your entire collection without having to install a whole lot of the darn things.

The DomeDock is a small plastic rack sized to dock a single cap onto its opening. It doesn’t fit the cap flush, so there’s a lot of wiggle room underneath the headwear, allowing you to insert up to 15 ball caps in a single rack. That’s right, just one of these can accommodate a small collection’s worth of flat-brimmed caps with soft rear sections, so you can stash even larger collections using just a limited amount of racks. Basically, if your hat collection consists of trucker hats, snapbacks, ball caps, dad hats, and similar fare without excessively bent brims, this thing should do the trick.

Granted, a stack of ball caps isn’t the prettiest thing to see up on your wall. If you’re out of ideas about how to store your hat collection, though, this wall-mounted rack definitely gets it done.

The DomeDock is available now, priced at $24.99.

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