DMOS Delta Shovel This backcountry shovel packs down to a compact size, all while providing the utility and function of a heavy-duty full-size shovel.


We’re big fans of DMOS’ snow shovels, which combine a collapsible design with uniquely-shaped blades that let them break and scoop up ice with great efficiency. This time around, they’re looking to bring their innovative design chops to the backcountry in the form of the DMOS Delta Shovel.

Designed for the backcountry, the shovel was designed after extensive research on the needs of wildland firefighters, professional explorers, and other individuals who spend copious amounts of time in the wild outdoors. As such, it’s built as a full-size, heavy-duty tool that can perform the most demanding tasks, all while being as portable as collapsible backcountry shovels.


The DMOS Delta Shovel measures 51 inches long from the tip of the head to the end of the handle, making it as functional for heavy-duty tasks as regular shovels, all while collapsing into a still functional mini-shovel that measures just 24 inches long. The handle of the shovel can be folded right onto the head, too, allowing you to cut it down to around two-thirds the length, making it even easier to fit inside the boot of a car or strap onto a backpack.

It achieves this portability by using a shaft made from separate indexed parts, enabling the telescoping design without compromising strength and integrity. This handle is then connected to the blade using a bracket made from 12-gauge steel, which is affixed onto the head using 12 oversized rivets. This reinforced setup will supposedly allow the darn bracket to leverage over 1,000 pounds of force, making the individual parts practically inseparable. The head, by the way, can lock into any of three positions: one for using it as a standard shovel, one for using it as a hoe, and the last one for folding onto the handle.


The DMOS Delta Shovel has a 3mm thick blade that should hold up to contact with any hard object, with options for either a 6061 aluminum construction (if you put a premium on weight) or 12-gauge cold rolled steel (if you want maximum power and strength) construction for both the head and the shaft. According to the outfit, shovel has fared very capably against sand, gravel, mud, silt, clay, and a whole load of other materials, with fire departments even using it for salvage operations.  It uses a reinforced injection-molded nylon T-handle at the end of the shaft to provide users with a comfortable and powerful grip.


It comes with two mounts: one that you can attach to the spare tire on the back of your off-roader and one you can place on the roof rack. That way, you can have a dedicated spot for your shovel, instead of having it swinging around in the boot of the car the whole time you’re driving. Both the head and the shaft, by the way, can be removed and used with heads and shafts from DMOS’ other shovels, so you can mix and match shovel parts as you see fit.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the DMOS Delta Shovel. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $159.

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