District Vision Kaishiro Explorer Sunglasses District Vision's latest brings excellent performance during runs without making you look like you're competing in a track-and-field competition.


Sports sunglasses have a specific look – they wrap around your face in such an aerodynamic manner that they make you look like you’re geared up for an Olympic race. And while some folks are comfortable with that, others aren’t. That’s why District Vision’s Kaishiro Explorer makes for such a refreshing pair, as they look like any pair of sunglasses while performing like proper running eyewear.

Seriously, have you ever seen running sunglasses that look like these? That way, you can wear the same sunglasses you use for your morning runs for a day gallivanting around the city without making things look weird.


The District Vision Kaishiro Explorer Sunglasses has a frame designed for maximum comfort in high-performance conditions, with a titanium core ensuring it holds up durably to rugged use. It has temple tips and an adjustable nose pad cut in hypoallergenic rubber, along with a lightweight build of just 22 grams. That frame is paired with District Sky G15 lenses that’s cut in a shatter-proof and anti-scratch polycarbonate material, with an anti-reflective coating and oleophobic treatment. It provides excellent sun protection, allowing just 15 percent of light, so you can see things clearly while you go on the run.


Each pair comes with a 630gsm microfiber running pouch, so you can stash it on your person during runs. It comes in five different colorways.

Available now, the District Vision Kaishiro Explorer is priced at $199.

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