Devos LightRanger This 1,200-lumen camp lantern comes with a telescoping pole that lets you set it at heights of up to nine feet.

There’s no shortage of camp lanterns out there you can use to illuminate your campsite at night. While the best ones usually offer versatile mounting options like clips, rings, and magnets that still require you to find fixtures to properly put them on. That’s not the case with the Devos LightRanger.

A versatile camp lantern, it can be set down on a flat surface much like any standard camp lighting, allowing it to quickly brighten up tents, tables, and other spaces. Unlike most other camp lighting options, though, it comes with a tripod for use on uneven surfaces, a stake for planting on soft ground, and even telescoping pole that you can use to easily set it up at various heights.

The Devos LightRanger is a camp lantern that measures 5.25 x 4.5 inches (height x diameter), so it’s small enough to squeeze into any pack, allowing you to bring it along even when you’re camping on foot. It comes with individual LEDs on four sides, allowing for sectional lighting control, with the ability to switch on one section, two sections, or all four sections at once. With all four sections glowing in full power, it puts out a bright 1,200 lumens, making it perfectly viable for illuminating outdoor spaces. According to the outfit, in fact, when mounted at a height of nine feet, the lamp can easily illuminate a 50-foot diameter area.

Of course, you won’t need that much light at all times. As such, aside from its sectional lighting ability, it also offers dimming control to as low as 30 lumens, allowing you to adjust it to the right amount of light you need without wasting precious battery life.  According to the outfit, it can give off the maximum brightness for up to four hours between charges, although it can stretch that to 16 hours at the lowest setting. Recharging the battery takes eight hours via a USB connection.

The Devos LightRanger can be set down on a flat surface all on its own, either via the wide end to keep the light on the ground and the surrounding area or via the narrow end to focus the light upwards. You can also attach it to the included pole if you need to carry it by hand. An included tripod can be used to mount the lamp directly if you want to keep it at a low height or the pole to set it higher. The pole, by the way, is telescoping, allowing it to stretch anywhere from 39 to 104 inches, so you can set it up overhead for more efficiently illuminating the space. They also include a ground stake that can mount the pole, in case you’re setting it up over soil or sand.

It’s rated for IPX4 water resistance, so there are no worries about drizzles or spills affecting the lamp’s performance, while an aluminum heatsink keeps it cool for those extended lighting sessions. Other features include overheat protection for the circuit and battery board, solar charging support, ABS and polycarbonate construction for the lamp, aluminum construction for the poles, and a total weight of just over 4 pounds including the accessories.

The Devos LightRanger is available now, priced starting at $144.

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