Deus Ex Machina x Tricker’s Logger Boot Crafted with the same strict standard as the first shoe they made 170 years ago, Tricker's new boot should see you through a whole load of motorcycle rides.


We’re big fans of Deus Ex Machina’s custom motorcycles, so we’re naturally intrigued when we heard about their collaboration for a motorcycle boot. Now that we’ve seen the Deus Ex Machina x Tricker’s Logger Boot, we’re actually hooked.

A derby ankle boot, the shoe is made using the same exacting craftsmanship that Tricker’s has used for five generations, ensuring it will bear the same lasting qualities the outfit’s footwear have sported through the years. Whether you need a tough boot for everyday riding or just want a weathered-looking boot for pairing with tees-and-jeans, this thing should play the part like a boss.


The Deus Ex Machina x Tricker’s Logger Boot has an untanned full-thickness leather upper, giving it a rough aesthetic that makes it appear as if it’s been through endless road trips. It comes with a half bellows tongue and a storm welt, ensuring it can adapt to most any weather condition, along with a gentle leather lining and one of Dainite’s studded soles, so you can use it on both wet grounds and grease-soaked garages. And, no, there aren’t actually any spikes on the outsole like actual boots for loggers, so you won’t end up slashing your motorcycle’s tires with a single kick.


Available now, the Deus Ex Machina x Tricker’s Logger Boot is priced at $550.


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