Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket The Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket is a trim-fit varsity jacket featuring Spade's signature fabric in diamond-quilted pattern.


Few outfits can do varsity jackets better than the Dehen Knitting Company, so when Jack Spade wanted to do one in their signature waxwear fabric, it’s a no-brainer that they will turn to one of America’s original letter jacket specialists. The Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket is the plush-looking result.

Reinterpreting the waxwear fabric with a diamond-quilted pattern, the jacket seems more swanky than casual, looking much better suited at a posh downtown club than the stands after a long day of training. In fact, this looks more night-out than most any varsity jacket we’ve seen, likely making it an ideal fit when you want hit the club and act all baller, while managing to retain some of your schoolboy charm.  Or something like that.


The Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket comes in a trim fit – just enough tightness to give it a tailored-looking silhouette, without making your layers look like they want to burst out and get some air. The diamond-quilted blue waxed cotton is complemented by black leather sleeves, black leather accents, wool collar, wool cuffs, and matte black snap buttons. While there are no letter patches outside the jacket (because that will make an erstwhile killer piece look tacky), it does come with an embroidered co-branded main label inside, with a design based on traditional letter jacket decoration.


Only 100 examples of the Dehen x Jack Spade R1 Jacket will be made. Price is $598.