Defy Dude Quick Release Belt Do you need a belt with a buckle that can handle 2,000 pounds of load? Probably not. That doesn't matter, though, since it still exists.


It’s not the most elegant-looking belt you can wear. If you care more about function than aesthetics when dressing up in tees and jeans, though, then we guess you won’t mind the utilitarian styling of the Defy Dude belt.

Instead of sporting a stylish belt buckle that most people would appreciate looking at, the belt uses Austri Alpin’s Cobra Quick Release buckle for closure. Yes, that means, you can quickly unbuckle the belt with just one hand, making for a handy quality when you find yourself rushing to the toilet with a grumbling in your nether regions.


That, however, isn’t the Defy Dude’s only talent. That same buckle, by the way, is meant for tactical function, with the ability to support loads of up to 2,000 pounds. Why do you need a belt that does that? We’re not entirely sure. If you ever find the need to use your belt to restrain an alien with super-strength wreaking havoc in your patch of the world, though, this just might do the trick. Well, maybe. Complementing the load-bearing buckle is a handcrafted band made with military-spec webbing, so it should exhibit the strength to match the buckle’s unusual superpowers.

Adjusting the belt, by the way, can also be done with one hand. Just pull the Velcro section of the belt, slide to your liking, and clamp down – done. It comes in five sizes.

Available now, the Defy Dude Quick Release Belt is priced at $56.