Definitive Tech W7 Speaker These compact speakers blast sound in three different directions to turn any medium-sized room into a high-performance sound haven.


Yes, we appreciate big speakers with big sound as much the next guy. Unless you’re living in a mansion or a large warehouse, however, those large speakers are nothing more than overkill. For the average home, a compact speaker like the Definitive Tech W7 will be enough.

Measuring just 6.9 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches (height x width x depth), this thing can be easily moved around inside the house, so you can use it to pipe music to any room with an available power outlet. Despite the size, it promises to deliver “big, audiophile-grade hi-fi sound” that will turn any medium-sized room into a “high-performance sound haven.”


The Definitive Tech W7’s cube-shaped enclosure houses a tri-polar speaker configuration that blasts sound in three different directions, resulting in a balanced soundstage that fills the room with natural timbre. It comes with four 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters for spreading sound widely and evenly, a 4-inch mid driver for a wide dynamic range, and dual bass radiators that supply a deep low-frequency response. Instead of Bluetooth, the speaker connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network for a detail-rich streaming experience, with DTS Play-Fi support for compatibility with any music source.


Construction is aluminum for the cabinet, with a soft fabric cover for much-improved aesthetics. It can be controlled from an accompanying app, although there are also physical buttons at the base for on-site playback control.

Available now, the Definitive Tech W7 is priced at $399.

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