Definite Technology BP9000 Series Speakers Step up your home theater to the next level with this updated range of bipolar speakers from Definite Technology.


After six years, Definitive Technology finally updated their series of bipolar speakers. With redesigned and totally reengineered components, the new Definite Technology BP9000 Series should make a compelling option for anyone who wants to put together a powerful and immersive home theater setup.

Touted to deliver “true high-performance, full-range sound,” the speakers boasts a forward-focused bipolar array that delivers both room-filling sound and a precise center image. They pair that soundstage-expanding rig with integrated powered subwoofers, dual bass radiators, and high-performance drivers, ensuring you can hear and feel every note of every music and every shudder in every movie.


The Definite Technology BP9000 Series is comprised of tower speakers, center channel speakers, surround speakers, and a height module, with each one available individually, so you can decide on the setup you prefer. Four models of the tower speakers are available, each one getting three bass/mid drivers (from 3.5 inches to 5.25 inches), 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters (from one to three), a powered subwoofer (from 8 inches to 12 inches), and two bass radiators for the three higher-end models. The center consoles, on the other hand, come in three flavors, each one housing two bass/mid drivers, a powered subwoofer, a dome tweeter, and a bass radiator for the top-end model, while you get two options in surround speakers.


Features include Intelligent Bass Control, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility, an inert and resonance-free cabinet structure, and a balanced double surround system. All speakers come in an elegant, low-profile aluminum enclosure that should make them easy to integrate into any home theater setup.

Want it? The Definitive Technology BP9000 Series is available now.