Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Easy Tent This two-person tent can pitch on its own, requiring you to simply tug on a pair of pull-handles to get everything in place.

Tents are great – they put a roof over your head and walls around your living area to keep you secure while slumming it in the wild backcountry. As great as they are, you have to admit, pitching a tent still requires a bit of a learning curve, especially for people who don’t go camping on a regular basis. The Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Easy Tent eliminates that learning curve entirely by coming with a quick and simple way to set up.

Instead of assembling the poles, attaching the body, and doing all sorts of other stuff just to put up your shelter, the new tent simply requires you to tug on a pair of pull-cords. That’s it. Sure, there have long been pop-up tents that pitched with similar simplicity. In this case, though, the tent is able to collapse into size that’s barely bigger than ordinary tents, compared to the oversized bundles you usually get with pop-up models. Basically, you get pop-up tent simplicity and regular tent portability in an all-new design.

The Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Easy Tent is a two-person shelter similar in dimensions to most backpacking tents, so campers should be able to comfortably use it for their adventures in the wild. Despite measuring similar, however, it’s way heavier at 10 pounds, which is over twice the weight of similarly-sized tents, a consequence of the auto-pitching rig that’s been fitted on it. So yeah, there’s the catch – it’s going to add a lot more pounds to your stash. If you don’t mind the extra weight, however, this thing makes initial setup around camp a whole lot easier.

How much easier? Well, to set it up, you simply take it out of the roll sack, unroll the whole thing, pull on one of the cords to pitch one end, and pull on the other cord to finish the job. Yes, you literally just pull on two cords, which is how they came up with the “2-second” gimmick, since… you know… tugging on each pull-cord is supposed to take just one second each. While, in reality, you may not be able to set up in two seconds (you still have to hammer some ground stakes, after all), it’s still a heck of a convenience, since this thing should be ready each time out in way less time than traditional tents.

The Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Easy Tent has a floor size of 80.7 x 57.1 inches and an interior height of 43.3 inches, so there’s plenty of room inside for a couple to rest comfortably throughout their outdoor stay. It has a heat-resistant flysheet that’s keeps both heat and light out, so you can make it very dark inside if you want to ensure you can catch your sleep without any visual disturbance, all while being fully waterproof and wind-resistant up to 30 mph. Other features include an equally fast pack-up process that uses the same engineered structure as the deployment, adjustable ventilation via two side panels, and a collapsed size of 23.2 x 7.9 inches (length x diameter).

The Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Easy Tent is available now, priced at $199.

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