De Jong & Co. Wooden 45 Record Case For the truly rare few who collect 7-inch singles in 2016, De Jong & Co. made this rustic-looking record case to hold them all in one place.


Yes, it looks like any generic wooden box. You know, the kind your dad will use as a toolbox, your girlfriend will turn into a jewelry box, and your teenage brother will use to hold his stash of Magic Cards.  Except, the De Jong & Co. Wooden 45 Record Case actually does its best work as a repository for your 7-inch collection, giving you a place to store your ancient music technology with a matching rustic flair.

Granted, we don’t know how many people even collect singles in this day and age. And we don’t know whether any label, both mainstream and indie, actually still release 45s. Still, with the growing amount of people turning to vinyl for their daily listening pleasures, we guess something like this will find a suitable home in some music lover’s media setup.


The De Jong & Co. Wooden 45 Record Case measures 18.5 x 7.25 x 8.75 inches (l x w x h), with a main compartment split into three distinct sections. The right and left sections are designed to hold 7-inch singles standing up, making it easy to flip through the collection to find that obscure jazz song by that obscure jazz musician who played an obscure brass instrument. Or something like that. The center section, on the other hand, houses a second pull out box, which you can use to store small items like brushes for cleaning your beloved 45s.


Features include a flip-top lid and a leather handle that stores flat for a really streamlined silhouette. You can order the box in your choice of walnut, oak, or maple wood.

Available now, the De Jong & Co. Wooden 45 Record Case is priced at $850.