Danner Jag Low Designed as middle ground between hiking boots and trail runners, this footwear is aimed at folks who enjoy the outdoors in a more casual manner.

Hiking boots are great, but for many who camp and hike recreationally, their heavy-duty materials and indestructible build can feel a little too much. While you can opt for trail running sneakers, they’re not exact built to serve you best around camp. The Danner Jag Low offers a middle-ground between those two types of backcountry footwear.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Danner had a model like this from the 1980s, which was meant as a more casual alternative to heavy-duty hiking boots. This year, they decided to bring it back, offering a more relaxed shoe for those who take to the outdoors with a more casual hobby mindset. Hey, not everyone wants to be a mountain man.

The Danner Jag Low is a lightweight alternative to traditional hiking boots, with a low-cut styling that makes it easier to wear with everyday outfits, so it can serve you just as well for a day out in the city as it will when you’re hiking the trails on the weekend. Billed as a more versatile version of the 1980s silhouette, the shoe gets a suede-and-nylon upper that’s equal parts durable, comfortable, and good-looking enough to pair with your streetwear ensembles, along with a mesh liner for breathable function.

That upper is fused to a retro waffle outsole, which is designed for hiking light trails, so it’s strictly for non-demanding recreational adventures like day hikes, car camping, and getting drunk in the woods while trying to get a Bigfoot sighting (yes, trying to find Bigfoot only becomes demanding once you actually find him and he proceeds to attack you). So yeah, you’ll still want to keep your heavy-duty hikers around, just in case you want to do some hardcore outdoor activities, like scaling that mountain, hunting some large game, or testing your survival skills deep in the backcountry.

The Danner Jag Low comes with EVA midsole for cushioning, as well as a removable Ortholite footbed that provides three layers of varying density to deliver an ideal mix of cushioning and support. According to Danner, the shoe was made using their DPDX last, which makes shoe silhouettes designed for everyday wear. That means, it provides enough room for comfort while being shaped to achieve a sleek appearance, making it an ideal shoe for getting around local trails and urban environments. It comes with two sets of laces in different colors, so you can change up the styling a bit, as you like it.

Being a casual hiking shoe, the silhouette actually isn’t waterproof, so leave it at home during inclement weather and don’t even come near the water if you’re wearing these things. Unless, of course, you like getting your feet wet while walking up a trail to make life just that much more challenging. Hey, some people need the extra obstacle to motivate them. We don’t judge.

The Danner Jag Low is available in five colorways, all of them looking like a cross between hiking boots and casual sneakers. Which, we’re going to be honest, is a pretty good style. Price is $130.

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