Dainese Smart Jacket It is the age of airbag garments & future-predicting vests -- It is a wonderful time to be alive

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As far as fun goes, two-wheelers are a timeless treasure. That being said, risking multiple bone fractures for the fleeting thrill of a joy ride is so 2010. Dainese’ newest number, the Smart Jacket, fuses intelligent protection with the notorious rebel spirit of the biker jacket for an ironic yet hyper-heroic finale where the jacket swoops in and saves the day.

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The Dainese Smart Jacket brings the concept of functional fashion to life. After more than 20 years of intensive research, developers launched the revolutionary vest fitted with a unique response algorithm designed to deploy protective inflation in case of mishaps — if you find this a tad confusing, just think; wearable airbag.

Structurally, the Smart Jacket is a gem. 

It is light and properly ventilated, foldable, and can discreetly slip right under any jacket of choice. And even though its operation utilizes GPS, gyroscope sensors and an accelerometer, the Smart Jacket does not need to be connected directly to the vehicle to function. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, offering up to 24 hours action after each full charge. More importantly, it is water, abrasion, and ill-advised-stunt proof, so that no matter the weather (or bad decision), it will take all the punches so that you won’t have to.

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While Dainese has built a career-long reputation producing protective Airbag Garments, it the Smart Jacket’s foresight really takes the cake. Using an electric control unit, it processes data from 7 hidden sensors and predicts accidents or stationary collisions. 

Ultimately, the airbag, which is fitted with internal microfilaments to ensure controlled inflation, is deployed automatically. And like most fourth generation D-air®️ ingenuities, Smart Garments and airbag replacements by authorized dealers are a package deal — so, feel free to check off dependable and reusable. 

With a pocket-friendly, environmentally friendly, life-saving jacket at your service, what more can a rider ask for?

Available now, the Dainese smart jacket comes in 6 sizes and retails for $699.95 —  which is a considerably small price for a lifetime of safety. 

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