Cultiver Denim Towel Bundle Do you love denim enough to wrap yourself in it every time you take a refreshing shower? Cultiver's got your covered.

We love denim as much as the next guy. We’ve got a bunch of it in our closets, from jeans and jackets to shirts and a few other accessory pieces. You know, like bags and hats and all that. Do you love denim enough that you will gladly wrap yourself in it after a refreshing shower? If that’s the case, you might want to check out the Cultiver Denim Towel Bundle.

That’s right, they made towels cut in denim, so you can pat yourself dry with the same warp-faced fabric all those jeans you have in the closet are made from. Whether you’re a denim diehard, a selvedge snob, or just some dude who enjoys something different after a refreshing shower, this thing lets you add a unique piece to your accessory drawer.

The Cultiver Denim Towel Bundle is a set of two bath towels and one hand towel, all of which are made from the same material. That material, by the way, is a blend of Lyocell and combed cotton, which, the outfit claims, is particularly soft on sensitive skin, making this suitable for, pretty much, every type of individual. These are heavy towels, too, with a weight of 500 gsm, so these things should make as plush a pile as the most substantial towels you have in the drawer.

This isn’t fresh denim, by the way. Instead, the denim used for the towels are all recycled, if you’re the sort who cares about using more sustainable products.

Want a set? The Cultiver Denim Towel Bundle is available now, priced at $145.

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