CRKT Parascale CRKT just made a folding knife with a paracord cleverly wound into the inside and outside of the knife handle.

Paracords are great, as they offer plenty of utility in the outdoors. You can use it to make a fishing line, build a shelter, and serve you in a whole load of survival functions. That’s why you frequently see survival knives covered in a generous amount of the utility cord. You know what you never see wrapped in paracord, though? Folding knives, since covering the handle with a long piece of rope makes it virtually impossible to open and close. At least, that used be the case until the CRKT Parascale came along.

That’s right, it’s a pocket folder with a paracord on the handle that you can actually take off in the event you find a need for a strong and versatile rope. Granted, that’s not going to happen a whole lot if you spend your days in the city, but in the event that the situation presents itself, you’ll definitely appreciate having access to a decent length of paracord right in your pocket.

The CRKT Parascale is an erstwhile standard folding knife that combines the outfit’s IKBS pivot, which uses lubed ball bearings to make the blade flip out smoothly, and Deadbolt locking system, which uses interlocking pegs near the pivot to keep the blade secure. The latter is particularly important as the design actually allowed the outfit to weave a length of cord around both the inside and the outside of the handle, enabling them to integrate the paracord into the folder.

It has a 3.2-inch drop point blade cut in D2 steel, with the whole thing measuring 7.9 inches when unfolded. Closed, the entire thing measures 4.7 inches, allowing it to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The CRKT Parascale is available now, priced at $150.

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