Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes Crescent Moon's upcoming snowshoes are cut in EVA foam, making them lighter than any competing footwear in the market.


We’ve seen snowshoes in a whole load of materials, from wood and leather to rubber and aluminum to new models with plastics and composite bodies.  None of those materials, however, find their way in the innovative Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes.

That’s right, this patent-pending design uses EVA foam for the soles, making it a whole lot lighter than any snowshoe in the market. To the unfamiliar, that’s the cushy material they use for the midsoles on most sneakers, ensuring you won’t be dragging heavy objects on your feet whenever you run through the snow.


The Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes bends that EVA foam into a rocker-shaped platform, with tire tread lugs providing a strong grip to ensure you maintain your balance on the most slippery trails. At 23 x 8 inches, it’s massive, so we guess it’s a lot like walking with clown shoes on, albeit one that won’t make you slip on snow, so you won’t end up a hilarious mess.


A cushioned and cradled top makes walking and running comfortable even on packed snow and hard ground, while a hook and loop system of straps let you secure it to any type of footwear. Those bindings are fixed, by the way, instead of hitched, so the darn thing won’t swing around at any point you’re wearing them.

Slated to debut next year, the Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes will be priced at $149.

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