Craftworker Cabinet First produced in 1919, the Craftworker Cabinet makes for a handsome and minimalist way to stock up on basic woodworking tools.


Walk into any hardware store and it won’t be too hard to find a starter toolkit for craftsmen, giving you the bare-basics you’ll need to do woodworking projects at home. This Craftworker Cabinet, though, brings a whole load of history, giving you a classic set that looks exactly like the very first one produced back in 1919.

Instead of an industrial-looking toolbox, the kit comes housed in a handsome wooden cabinet that can be mounted up a wall or stood on a table. It’s so unassuming there’s very little to give away about the contents, likely making people think it’s a medicine cabinet when hung in any room other than the garage (or a compact mini-bar if people know you as the type).

The Craftworker Cabinet comes with 27 tools, from basic to professional, all clad in the same classic design as the originals from nearly a century ago. Granted, some of the tool parts now use plastic, so it’s not quite the most faithful recreation, but it should lend any workshop that warm, old-timey feel all the same. Each tool comes with its own compartment in the cabinet, so everything puts away very tidy and organized. When closed, the cabinet measures a compact 14.75 x 18.5 x 3.2 inches (h x w x d) – that’s right, just 3.2 inches protruding from your wall, making for a toolkit that’s totally out of the way. Construction is beech and birch for the wood elements.

Available from MOMA, the Craftworker Cabinet is priced at $130.