Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver Equipped with a rotating cartridge, Craftsman's power drill lets you quickly switch among six bits for more convenient DIY handyman work.


Every homeowner needs a decent power drill for the multitude of things that regularly come up requiring your attention.  If you haven’t quite gotten around to picking one up or are looking to upgrade from an old unit, you might want to check out Craftsman’s new 4V Slide Screwdriver.

Equipped with a bit cartridge, the drill can carry up to six bits at a time, each of which you can access with a single push of the slide button. That way, there’s no need to carry multiple bits in your pocket, allowing you to keep all the bits you will need for a job right on the drill, ready to deploy at will.


The Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver is pretty standard for a power drill, with a single-speed 180RPM motor that you control with a basic power switch. It delivers 30.9 pound-inches of torque, which is standard for a 4-volt cordless screwdriver, with a rocker trigger switch enabling easy forward and reverse selection. You can move the cartridge sideways for easily loading with the bits you require, whiel the whole thing powers from an integrated 1.5Ah battery rated that takes around 3 to 5 hours to charge.


Features include six magnetized bits, two 3-inch extension bit holders for going into tight recessed areas, two wobble bits for reaching into corners, and a pistol grip handle.  It measures 6.67 x 5.88 x 1.66 inches (l x h x w).

Available now, the Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver is priced at $35.

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