Cotopaxi Techo 3 Tent Cotopaxi's three-season, three-person tent packs into a lightweight, compact bundle that's easy to carry for camping during the remaining days of fall.


Autumn offers a great time to extend your outdoor adventures, giving you a few more weeks of camping before a new change in season finally makes it a less-than-comfortable affair. Cotopaxi’s Techo 3 offers just the right kind of insulation for the increasingly chilly winds of fall, all while remaining packable and light that you won’t have to suffer when carrying it during long hikes to the camp site.

Sporting a double-wall design, it’s suitable for camping any time other than the dead of winter, so you can use it to sneak in a few more trips before the snow starts falling, as well as during the height of the camping season in the coming year. Since fall is likely to bring in rain, it includes a waterproof rainfly with welded and taped pole attachment to ensure everyone stays dry any time a drizzle drops in for an unannounced visit.


Sized to sleep up to three people, the Cotopaxi Techo 3 uses extended sidewalls to provide enough room to stretch out and lie comfortably, all while still leaving enough of the 42.5-square foot floor space to accommodate your backpacks and supplies. It features two doors, two vestibules, four internal mesh pockets, and an integrated gear attic for holding your personal essentials. For portability, it packs into a stuff sack that measures 21 x 9 x 7.5 inches and weighs just a smidgen over six pounds.


Available now, the Cotopaxi Techo 3 Tent is priced at $279.