Corridor Linen Mini-Stripe Shirt Summer weather means gunky work shirts that may or may not smell. Unless, of course, you wear something like this lightweight and airy shirt from Corridor.


We love summer as much as the next guy. Spending days camping, lounging in the beach, or getting nuked out of our minds at a music festival sure makes for a great time. Problem is, we still work during the summer and that humid weather is the enemy of staying presentable throughout the day. If your workplace lets you get away with tees and polos, then more power to you. If not, maybe something like Corridor’s Linen Mini-Stripe Shirt can get you through the coming warmer days on the job.

Billed as a “summer weight” shirt, this short-sleeved button-down is as light and airy as it gets, ensuring you’ll stay cool while toiling through warm temperatures. Whether on the morning commute to work, a lunch meeting with a client, or on the way to meet up after-work with a cute match on Tinder, this thing should help keep the sweating at bay, saving you from making an appearance with a gunky shirt in tow.


The Corridor Linen Mini-Stripe is made from 100 percent Portuguese linen, a flax-derived fabric that’s perfect for the summer, with its natural inspect-repelling, UV-protecting, and hypo-allergenic qualities. It uses Corridor’s signature three-panel fit, a shirting pattern from the 1950s that uses three concave panels on the back that neither constrict nor billow to create a trim silhouette and a clean drape without restricting mobility. Features include a button-down collar, cotton buttons, and blue-and-white mini-stripes.


Available now, the Corridor Linen Mini-Stripe Shirt is priced at $195.