Copper Boiler Lamp by William Heefer This pendant lamp is made from a reclaimed boiler salvaged out of a ten-year old espresso maker that's seen better days.


Installing multiple lamps is a great way to create different focal points in a room. A wall lamp here, a standing one there, and a pendant light somewhere else can make a whole load of difference when accessorizing a space. If you’re in the market for lamps with a more industrial aesthetic, you may want to check out this Copper Boiler Lamp from William Heefer.

Made using the boiler from an old espresso machine, the pendant lamp looks like some kind of furnace with a flame raging inside it. Well, a very small furnace with a small flame, anyway. Whether for mounting on the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom, this thing should lend a special aesthetic that instantly commands attention.

If you’re not familiar with Heefer, he does one-off lamps using recycled objects from the house, including washing machine drums and used cans. He currently has several boiler lamps available, but this particular Copper Boiler Lamp caught our attention with its industrial look that should make it a good fit for any home needing a slightly more refined masculine touch. It uses a boiler from an espresso machine that’s been in service for over ten years, too, so there’s some built-in conversation fodder there if you’re on the couch with a cute girl and find yourself completely devoid of anything to say.

The lamp features a powder-coated boiler measuring 17.5 cm in diameter that’s connected to a two-meter braided fabric power cable. Details include a bead-blasted copper inner shade, E27 bulb fitting, and an adjustable steel cable with an included ceiling attachment.

No pricing is listed, but you can inquire about the Copper Boiler Lamp and Heefer’s other creations directly from his website.