Converse All-Star Quilted Pack This special winter release sees the iconic Chuck Taylor silhouettes decked in quilted nylon uppers and fleece lining for better cold weather performance.


Sneakers, especially Chuck Taylors, aren’t exactly my first pick for winter-time footwear, but I’m totally making an exception for this killer-looking Converse All-Star Quilted Pack. Sure, you might not want to rely on them if you’re staying outdoors in cold weather for hours on end, but for those days where you’ll spends most of the time indoors and go out only to grab a bite down the block or get back to your car, they should keep your feet warm and toasty enough, while capably holding together a casual street attire.

Instead of the usual canvas fabric, the shoes are decked in quilted nylon uppers that should offer loads better insulation than the usual canvas fabrics of traditional Chucks. It looks way more luxurious, too, giving the footwear a personality more suited to cold weather without altering the iconic silhouette.


For even better heat retention, the Converse All-Star Quilted Pack comes with a fleece lining, which should also make it feel softer, in case you want to wear it without socks after the cold season has passed. Features include tonal stitching throughout the upper, embossed leather branding on the ankle, black waxed laces, metal eyelets, and a dark gray fleece stripe that runs up the back of the heel for accent. It retains the traditional white toes and contrasting vulcanized white midsole.


The Converse All-Star Quilted Pack is available in red, white, and black for the low-top version ($65), as well as blue and gray for the high-top ($70).