Coalition Snow Shred Sled Skipping the slopes this year due to stay home and keep safe for the holidays? Enjoy the snow locally with this stand-up sled instead.

Snowboarding is fun. Having to take a trip to a winter resort in the middle of social distancing season to partake in it, not so much. Yeah, you’re keeping things local this winter. And while you can always a ride a sit-on sled with your kids down the nearby hills this season, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy the Coalition Snow Shred Sled just a bit more.

A stand-up sled of sorts, it’s a board that you can use to surf on slopes downhill, so you can feel like you’re riding a snowboard without all the bells and whistles that entails. You know, having to wear specialized boots, using bindings, and all that, allowing you to enjoy the snow without having to engage in all that elaborate show-and-dance.

The Coalition Snow Shred Sled is based on the monoski. You know, those single decks you put both your feet in and ride down the hill with poles in your hands. According to the outfit, this particular design was invented in 1965 by Sherman Poppen as a winter toy for his kids, which simplifies the whole thing by eliminating the need for poles and replacing it with something else for maneuvering the board across the powder.

Truth be told, it looks like a simple, no-nonsense snowboard. Instead of being made with a wood core that’s coated in fiberglass, though, the whole thing is cut in 12-ply Baltic birch that, the outfit claims, is strong enough to get you through all your winter adventures in the city, the suburbs, or wherever else you find yourself stuck in during the season. To ensure a proper surface for your feet, two sections of the top deck are covered in cork foot pads, which should provide the necessary grip to keep you on the board for the short periods you’re going to ride it downhill, while being comfortable enough.

The Coalition Snow Shred Sled comes with a cord at the front tip that you can use to keep yourself stable control the sled as you glide downhill. We’re guessing, you tug it towards a direction you want the board to go in, then pull it straight up if you want to put the darn thing on brakes, so you can have full control of the board the whole time, making it very accessible even for younger users. It measures 43 inches long, with the tip measuring 9.6 inches and the tail measuring 7 inches in width, so this is big enough to look like some kind of legit winter sport gear.

While you can take this to the local slopes as is, the outfit recommends using rub-on wax to the bottom side to keep it in tip-top shape at all times. Will this be as fun as a snowboard? Probably not. If you want to have fun at all the snow that will end up in streets, parks, and backyards this winter season, though, it offers a nice alternative to the sit-down sleds you’ll usually be using.

The Coalition Snow Shred Sled is available now, priced at $299.

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