Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath for Keychain Multi-Tools Designed for the Dime and the Squirt PS4, this sheath covers your favorite keychain multi-tool, so it doesn't get scratched up by your keys.

We’re big fans of the Gerber Dime and the Leatherman Squirt PS4, both of which come with an impressive collection of tools (including pliers) while being small enough to hang in your keychain. Problem is, keeping them in your keychain means getting your multi-tool scratched by keys all day – not exactly a good thing if you’re the kind of guy who likes keeping your gear pristine-looking at all times. This Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath for Dime/PS4 offers a way to fix that.

Designed specifically for the Gerber Dime and the Leatherman Squirt PS4, the sheath is sized to hold either one so perfectly, you’d think it was supplied along with the multi-tool. That way, your multi-tool is covered up and protected while it hangs on your keychain, allowing you to keep it there without having to find a bunch of new scratches each time you pull it out of your pocket.

The Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath for Dime/PS4 is a small sheath with a screw on the side that lets you adjust the tightness of its hold on whatever tool you’re using it on. While it’s designed for specific multi-tools, that screw can loosen or tighten it enough that you can actually fit different tools on there. You know, tools like the Leatherman Micra, the Victorinox Manager, or any of the other multi-tools in a similar size range, as well as pocket knives, key clips, and similar EDC gear. Heck, we even heard it loosens enough that someone fit both a Gerber Dime and Leatherman Squirt PS4 in there, which is absurd. Yeah, we don’t know if we trust that information, either.

Opposite the screw is a hole with an included keyring, so you can use this to hold your keys, essentially using the multi-tool as a key fob. Except, in this case, you can remove the multi-tool completely, so you can keep the sheath and the keys in your pocket while you slice up packages, tighten some nut, or crimp some wires throughout the course of your day.

The Clip & Carry Kydex Sheath for Dime/PS4 is available now.

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