Civilware Pointer Folding Knife "Inspired by man's first folding knife" -- that's how Civilware describes their new blade, which combines simplicity and minimalism with superior strength.


Yes, we love fancy complications and ornate decorations in our folding knives, too. If you’re carrying one for utility, however, wouldn’t you rather bring one that’s as simple and familiar as can be? That’s exactly what you’ll get with Civilware’s Pointer Folding Knife.

How simple? Civilware describes it as “inspired by man’s first folding knife.” Seriously. I mean, how much simpler do you get than that? Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the darn thing looks like it came from the stone age, but rather a beloved heirloom that’s been handed down from previous generations.


So what goes in a simple, old-school knife? Apparently, no locks, as the Civilware Pointer Folding Knife uses nothing but friction to stay closed when sitting in your pocket, all while getting an extended tang to keep it open during use. Simple, of course, doesn’t mean flimsy, so they made sure to give it a tough build to exhibit superior strength. That includes an AEB-L blade that boasts serious corrosion resistance and edge retention, while being easy to sharpen when dulled, along with a handle that’s cut in a mix of G-10 and titanium. To make sure everything works as intended, it uses heat-treated 416 stainless steel for all the hardware.


Dimensions are 2.5 inches for the blade, with an overall length of 5.25 inches, making it just the perfect size for a pocket-friendly folder. It comes with a 3-inch leather sheath to ensure everything stays closed in your pocket.

The Civilware Pointer Folding Knife is priced at $125.

Civilware Pointer Folding Knife First Impressions
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