Chrome MXD Link Sling Chrome Industries' laptop sling offers a minimalist option for daily commuters who prefer to pack light for the office.

Backpacks and messenger bags are great for carrying laptops, but for many folks, they can be too big and unwieldy. If you want as much freedom of movement during your daily commute, a smaller bag that sits out of the way will always work a whole lot better. The Chrome MXD Link Sling gets you exactly that, with a whole lot of style to boot.

Designed for daily use, it’s a laptop sling that makes room for just your work computer and a few bare essentials, making it ideal for minimalist commuters who don’t need the abundant space available in larger bags. Whether you’re a student, an office worker, or one of those dudes who spend all day typing on their laptops in a Starbucks, this bag should make a viable case for those who like to keep their everyday travel light.

The Chrome MXD Link Sling is a sling bag that measures 16 x 8.25 x 2 inches (width x height x depth), making it just large enough to fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro and similarly-sized laptops, with no extra room for anything that’s even a tad bigger. At the size, you can easily secure the bag flush to your body, so it will stay in place even as you run to catch the train, zig-zag through traffic on a motorized skateboard, or leap across the street to save an elderly lady about to be run over by a rampaging car. Or something like that.

The main compartment, of course, is a sleeve sized to fit a 13-inch laptop in the back, with a fully-padded lining to keep your laptop from getting any nicks and scratches. In front of it is another full-width compartment for carrying other larger items, such as notepads, books, or tablets. We imagine, that will be a good place to hold snacks, too, if you’re the kind who likes to reach for a bite every now and then (hey, there has to be a reason why you’re gaining weight). In front sits a trio of small pockets sized to hold any small items that are part of your EDC stash, from cellphones and multi-tools to eyewear and writing instruments.  The rightmost pocket, by the way, comes padded, making it ideal for holding sunglasses, smartphones, and other items you don’t want to get scratched.

The Chrome MXD Link Sling has a strap that can be worn either across your body like a sling or across your waist like a hip bag. Granted, an entire laptop sounds a bit too big to carry on a fanny pack (it will probably sag, especially with a few extra gear on it), but if you’re a larger individual, we imagine it actually makes sense to carry it that way. Construction is 840D nylon for the shell and 70D polyester for the lining, so it should hold up to the ravages of your daily commute.

Available in black and green, the Chrome MXD Link Sling is priced at $120.

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