Chrome Industries Wyatt Work Shirt More than a work shirt, this long-sleeved denim garment is a full-fledged upper body armor with its high levels of abrasion resistance.


We’re big fans of Chrome Industries’ Wyatt Jeans, which comes reinforced with ultra-tough Dyneema for better protecting you from scrapes and accidents on the road. If you work a lot with your hands using dangerous tools, doesn’t it make sense to have a work shirt that can offer the same protective talents? That’s exactly what Chrome Industries’ Wyatt Work Shirt brings to your wardrobe.

A long-sleeved denim shirt, it’s essentially an upper body armor, giving you added protection during rough and rugged activities. No, it won’t stop a bullet (probably not even a knife stab), but when you find yourself brushing up against sharp and abrasive objects in the trail, in the workshop, or on the job site, this thing will make sure you get a stronger-than-steel layer for extra protection.


The Chrome Industries Wyatt Work Shirt is made of 90 percent 12oz rigid Cone Mills denim and 10 percent Dyneema. We’re not sure how much abrasion resistance that exactly provides, but the outfit claims it outperforms both HT-Nylon and Kevlar-enhanced denim, so it should handle a lot of nasty contact. It comes in a modern tailored fit, so it won’t look that out of place for wearing around the city, although it should do its best work where it can protect you from real danger. Features include custom black oxidized metal hardware, red stitching accents, and dual chest pockets.


Available now, the Chrome Industries Wyatt Work Shirt is priced at $150.