Chrome Industries Wyatt Five-Pocket Jeans We're not sure if it's the toughest jeans out there, but with 8% Dyneema woven into the denim, it should hold up to serious abuse.


We’re not sure how well it will hold up compared to the Saint Unbreakable Jeans. I mean, only one pair of pants can prove to be the toughest jeans in the planet, but Chrome Industries seem to really believe that their Wyatt Five-Pocket Jeans will hold up to abuse like no other.

Similar to Saint’s Unbreakable garment, the new jeans are made from a blend of cotton and Dyneema, a ridiculously durable fiber that’s 15 times stronger than steel. That Dyneema, basically, reinforces it with serious abrasion resistance, ensuring a high chance the pants come out unscathed while you slide off rocks, get dragged by a motorcycle along the road, or grind against sharp surfaces in the workshop.


The Chrome Industries Wyatt Five-Pocket Jeans use 12-oz Cone Mills raw denim that are custom-woven with 8 percent Dyneema fiber. We’re not sure how much stronger that makes the pants, but we bet it should, at least, double the fabric’s toughness. Like many of the outfit’s products, this should work great as protective pants for bike messengers, although that kind of toughness should make it plenty suitable for motorcycle commuters, as well. Features include button fly, a 34-inch inseam, and custom black oxidized metal hardware.


A part of Chrome Industries’ Wyatt Collection, which decks various items in the same ultra-tough fabric, the Wyatt Five-Pocket Jeans are priced at $150.