Chrome Industries Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 The third iteration of Cobra's hoodie gets a more durable fabric blend and an updated fit, while retaining all its great technical qualities.

They call it the “best Merino performance hoodie out there.” While we doubt anyone can really confirm that (you have to test every single Merino hoodie out there), the Chrome Industries Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 does have the pedigree, with its first two iterations being a very popular garment among bicycle enthusiasts.

When the original version of this hoodie came out a decade or so ago, people loved just how great it looked. While tailored to the needs of people who spent much of the day riding on a bicycle, it looked just as great when you park the bike to get some drinks at a bar with friends. Well… those same stylish aesthetics remain in this iteration, all while getting reinforced with performance elements that improves on its technical qualities in various fronts.

The Chrome Industries Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 is, of course, made from the highly-technical wool, so it exhibits all the great qualities that have made the fabric highly sought-after in technical garments. That includes its breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying properties, all of which are critical to anyone who spends a good chunk of the day sitting on a saddle and kicking on pedals, while having a natural temperature-regulating property, which leaves it perfectly viable as a layering piece whether you’re riding in hot or chilly weather.

Instead of the 100 percent Merino wool construction as the previous two versions, this one gets a 50-50 blend. That’s right, it’s cut in 50 percent Merino wool and 50 percent recycled polyester, a blend that, the outfit claims, gives it added durability while being more sustainable.

The Chrome Industries Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 retains the two-way zipper, high-collar, and three-panel hood elements that found their way in the two previous iterations, all while getting an updated athletic fit that should look even better both on and off the bike. They also updated the cuff for better performance, all while putting back the thumb holes that were removed in the second iteration, which, we’re guessing, is a way to satisfy everyone that complained about the lack of thumb holes. Other features include improved zipper pockets with pass-through holes and a dropped tail.

The Chrome Industries Merino Wool Cobra 3.0 is available now, priced at $180.

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