ChipmunkBags Laundry Backpack 2.0 With 115 liters of room, a stylish aesthetic, and comfortable backpack straps, this bag should make transporting laundry a whole lot less of a chore.


We’re big fans of ChipmunkBags and their original laundry backpacks, giving men everywhere a more manly way of transporting their laundry (I mean, I don’t like carrying a large basket down the street). Apparently, some folks still found the 95-liter size a little lacking, so they’re coming out with a new version that’s bigger, more durable, and more comfortable to carry.

Instead of 95 liters, the redesigned bag will hold 115 liters of clothes, allowing you to pack weeks’ worth of dirty laundry inside the darn thing. Whether you’re doing laundry at mom’s house, the girlfriend’s building, or the laundromat two blocks away, this thing lets you haul the smelly mess on your back, so you can free your hands to text, hold a soda, or carry that gross vape you like smoking all day. Eek.


The ChipmunkBags backpack measures 28 inches tall, with an expandable top section that stretches it to 40 inches when needed. That way, you can keep the size manageable if the laundry will fit, while giving you access to extra room when it’s necessary. Aside from the larger size, it’s also tougher, with 1000-denier nylon construction and bar tack stitching on all high-load areas. It’s also cleaner, with a removable inner divider that you can use to separate the clothes you carry (so you don’t have to mix your clothes with your girl’s clothes).


Features include an inner pocket for holding quarters (or your keys), wide and thick backpack straps, and a sturdy metal clasp closure. And, yes, this should make a perfect carryall for those days you’re hitting the outdoors and need a whole load of gear in tow, too.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the ChipmunkBags. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $45.