Chamber Multi-Tool With 13 essential tools and a design that enables maximum leverage, this tiny multi-tool is the perfect companion for daily bike commutes around town.


Sure, it’s far from complete, but if you need a minimum of tools that offer great leverage while taking up a minimum of space, it’s going to be hard to find anything better than the Chamber Multi-Tool. With 13 essential tools for cyclists, it packs enough to make for a functional bike tool that’s ready to serve you during daily commutes atop your two-wheel steed.

Coming in a package no bigger than a small CO2 canister, the multi-tool can be dropped onto a small pocket, a tiny pouch, or even hung on a carabiner, so you can keep this on your bike or on your person with zero hassle. Sure, it’s probably not the kind of thing you’ll bring to a race, a downhill course, or a dirt trail adventure. For daily rides to work, running errands around town, or riding to the mechanic who’s fixing your car, it should be plenty-equipped for the job.


More importantly, the Chamber Multi-Tool’s unique design, which puts the head perpendicular to the handle, should ensure plenty of leverage while trying to drive and loosen screws of all types. It consists of a metal case with a hole on top, six double-ended bits, and one over-bit (a total of seven hexes and six screwdrivers) that slot onto the aforementioned opening to use the case as a handle. Each bit, by the way, can be inserted onto the slot at various lengths, making it possible to use in harder-to-reach areas of a bike. Comes in two versions: fixed head and ratchet head.


Slated for availability in early 2016, the Chamber Multi-Tool is priced starting at £29.99.