Carbon6 Belt – No Holes, No Visible Flaps With no holes and no visible flaps, this carbon fiber friction belt sports a clean and minimalist profile that should blend in with most any outfit.


Like all accessories, belts are designed to individualize an outfit, providing a distinct finish to separate it from the lot. As such, when you want to dress with a no-nonsense, all-business flair, you’ll want to pair your ensemble with a belt that’s both clean and low key. The Carbon6 should make a fine go-to waist strap for those situations.

Designed to blend in with an outfit, the belt combines a carbon fiber buckle with a custom black band, with no visible holes and no visible flaps, creating an extremely minimalist profile. Sure, it’s not the kind of accessory that can invigorate an erstwhile boring ensemble, but it does make for a dependable belt that will play nice with most any outfit in most any situation.


The Carbon6 uses a nine-layer carbon fiber composite that’s been CNC-machined for the buckle, along with a custom-engineered 1.5-inch wide webbing for the strap. Designed to function with no holes, the end of the strap simply slips into the cutout on the buckle (it enters through the front), with the flap hiding behind the rest of the strap for a totally clean look. Instead of traditional locks, it uses friction to keep the belt in the same place, with a patent-pending design that the outfit claims “does not slip,” requiring absolutely no retightening at any point during use. Oh yeah, since it’s carbon fiber, you won’t need to remove the belt during security inspection at the airport, taking one less hassle off your plate.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Carbon6. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $59.