Café du Cycliste Francoise Jersey Café du Cycliste's newest jersey combines the talents of both silk and Merino wool to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.


The sucky thing about changing weather is you have to buy new clothes for every activity. If you spend time atop a bicycle for extended periods, then that outfit-change applies to your cycling jersey, too. It may be a good time to consider trading in your favorite endurance cycling top for the Café du Cycliste’s all-new Francoise.

A proper thermal jersey, it’s should deliver all the extra warmth you need as you pedal through miles and miles of road amidst colder weather. Whether for wearing on its own, sporting under a jacket, or layering under a lightweight vest, it’s designed to keep you feeling up to task while you pedal atop that beloved steel-framed steed.


The Café du Cycliste Francoise is made from a mid-weight blend of merino wool and silk, combining the former’s breathability, wicking, and odor-resistant properties with the latter’s high-insulation and thermal-regulating characteristics. Constructed with additional stretch, it should enable a free range of movements, too, so you’ll be truly comfortable and up for whatever challenges the road presents. Even better, it does all that while flattering from any angle, with a classic bomber styling and racing profile that will look downright fine on any rider.


Features include flat-locked stitching for better comfort, a rear silicon gripper for improved stability, ribbed collar/cuffs/waist to keep the cold air out, three cargo pockets with a reinforced structure that prevents sagging, and a large zippered interior pocket for important items. It even comes with a removable reflective tie for adding visibility during low-light riding.

Available now, the Café du Cycliste Francoise is priced at €180.