Burton Double Barrel Beeracuda Bag Wherever you're partying this summer, we can't imagine a more convenient way to carry 11 cans of beer than this double tube bag.


Sometimes, you just want to go the beach and drink beer. Swim? Maybe another time. Surf? Maybe on the weekend. Tonight, you just want to get plastered on suds while lying on the sand and enjoying the clear night skies. The Burton Double Barrel Beeracuda is the perfect bag for that occasion.

To the unfamiliar, the original Beeracuda is a tube-shaped bag styled to resemble those bags your girlfriend uses to carry her rolled-up mat to yoga class. This double-barreled version, basically, doubles the original bag’s compartment, allowing you to carry twice the amount of beers in an equally convenient container.


The Burton Double Barrel Beeracuda measures 26 x 6 x 3 inches, with enough room inside to store two parallel stacks of five cans each to keep you sufficiently oiled up for the night. That 10-beer main compartment is insulated, too, so your drinks should retain some of their chill from the time you picked them out of the fridge to the time you’re cracking them open in whatever beach party, tailgate, or music festival you’re hitting up.

A koozie on the strap allows you to keep an extra beer within easy reach, all while doubling as a place for a water bottle before the party gets started. Construction is 600D polyester, with two busy-looking colorway options, Das Cuda and Sticker Print.

Pricing for the Burton Double Barrel Beeracuda is $29.95 for the Sticker Print and $34.95 for the Das Cuda.