Burch Barrel This hanging grill, smoker, and fire pit cooks food efficiently, while inviting folks to gather around it for warmth and camaraderie.

No, it’s not the most practical grill in the world. It probably doesn’t cook any better than the large grill you have in the backyard, either. The Burch Barrel, though, makes its case by inviting folks to gather around it, allowing you to keep warm while enjoying the sight of meats cooking from the heat of burning charcoal.

Billed as “a suspended barbecue and fire pit,” the grill consists of a drum-like vessel that’s hanging from a large tripod, making it an absolute stunner of a sight in any outdoor setting. Whether you set it up in the backyard, the parking lot, or the campsite, this is the kind of grill that gets people to come together, making it a perfect addition to any gathering.

The Burch Barrel uses a grill shaped like a 55-gallon steel barrel, with an 18-inch diameter cooking area that you can use to cook a big load of food in one go. It comes with a large lid, too, so you can leave whole chickens and large slices of meat covered when cooking low-and-slow, complete with holes at the top edge of the barrel that serve as a functional vent system, drawing air from the top, pulling it down between the double-wall construction, and sending it back up right beneath the coal plan. It’s a really efficient way to get air circulating inside the barrel.

For thermal regulation, it has a fuel tray that you can place in one of nine different rail heights, so you can move it closer to the grates to cook stuff quickly or near the bottom of the barrel for low-temperature cooking. Yes, those lower rails are also ideal when using it as a fire pit (just remove the lid and the grates), with the open top drawing a vortex of pre-heated oxygen that results in a hot and bright burn without an annoying cloud of smoke.

The Burch Barrel suspends the grill in a large tripod that can stand anywhere from 84 to 89 inches, with the body mounted along the length of the tripod and the lid held by a pulley situated at the top, so the lid can stay within the same structure the whole time even when it’s not in use. The grates, by the way, can be locked under the lid, so they both stay in the same place when you’re using the barrel as a fire pit.

The tripod has individually-adjustable legs, allowing you to keep it balanced in uneven terrain, with included rings for those times you want to stake it down in place. And yes, those legs are collapsible for those times you want to load it in the car for bringing to a tailgate party, a beach, or a campsite. Features include multi-fuel cooking (wood, lump charcoal, and briquettes), a total weight of 65 pounds (it’s reasonably portable), steel and aluminum construction, and tripod footprint of 60 inches in diameter, so you can gather a decent-sized group around the grill for a more socialized cooking experience.

The Burch Barrel is available now, priced at $895.

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