Buck Mason Military Overshirt Buck Mason's modern version of army fatigue tops come with a substantial build, allowing it to serve as a standalone shirt or a warm outer layer.


You know those loose-fitting tops that come with army fatigues? Not exactly the most fashionable thing to wear in 2016. What if you dress it up like a modern shirt? That’s exactly what Buck Mason did with this fine-looking Military Overshirt.

What the heck is an overshirt? We don’t know. What we do know is, this thing looks fine, whether you wear it under a warmer jacket like a real shirt or over a tee-and-cardigan like an outer layer.


Clad in a familiar military olive color, the Buck Mason Military Overshirt mimics the signature elements of army fatigues, from the chest pockets to the cuffs to the overall aesthetic. Seriously, just add a couple patches and it can pass off as a legit uniform, albeit one with a contemporary cut and style, so you don’t actually have to look like a dude who does all your shopping at the local army surplus if you don’t want to, even if you roll up the sleeves and wear the collar ragged.

It’s made from 100 percent four-ply cotton, so this should be quite substantial and warm, making it functional as an outer layer. Features include a length that drops down to the hips, a pair of patch pockets with pen slots, and high-tension keyholes that won’t rip.

Available now, the Buck Mason Military Overshirt is priced at $168.

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