Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat Buck Mason's version of the naval classic embraces all the traditional characteristics, while using an even heavier Melton wool blend for added warmth.

Some people like peacoats that take liberties with the classic design. Others prefer them to embody the characteristics of those traditional garments worn by European and American sailors. The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat tilts towards the latter, bringing us a version of the reefer jacket that gets the core details right.

Heavyweight fabric that will endure the challenges of sea and land alike? Check. Soft lining that will feel great next to your skin? Check. A sleek fit that makes you look like equally stylish and respectable as you go about your day? Yeah, this brings all that and more.

The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is a classic version of the WWII-era naval design, incorporating the short length, broad lapels, and double-breasted front profile that has long characterized the enduring outerwear piece. Yeah, it looks like a proper peacoat through and through. It’s made from a 35-oz. blended Melton wool fabric, which is even heavier than the 30-oz. standard Melton wool used by the US Navy through the 1970s, making it exceptionally warm and wind-resistant, so you can stand on the deck of a yacht on a cold day in the middle of the ocean while feeling perfectly toasty. Inside, it gets Japanese brushed satin lining, which should make you feel like you’re lying between your sheets in bed for whatever comfort that brings your way. That shell fabric, by the way, is a blend of 70 percent wool, 25 percent polyester, and 5 percent recycled fibers, which, the outfit claims, creates a soft and even texture that feels good even when worn directly on your skin.

It has a tailored fit, so it will likely look best on folks with a reasonably soldier-like build. In case you’re not, though, getting one size up probably won’t hurt, so you can cover up some of those extra pounds you’ve gained from the lack of open gyms during quarantine season. Yeah, you need to find a way to get some exercise done in the middle of all this mess.

The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat has a high armhole because people look more refined with their shoulders squared up that way, along with articulated shoulders, so you can enjoy a full range of motion, even if it does fit a little too tight for comfort. The broad lapels, by the way, get a throat latch in front, so you can close the thing up during colder days to trap every last bit of heat inside, while the buttons are etched with an anchor just like traditional versions to highlight the garment’s naval roots.

It gets a pair of hand warmer pockets that, again, stay authentic to the placement on the original reefer coat design, with corduroy lining keeping your hands toasty while they stay slipped inside. And since they’re staying true to the roots of the classic garment, it’s only sold in a dark blue color that’s similar to the hue of the US Navy issue jacket.

The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is available now, priced at $345.

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