Buck Mason Classic Fit Jeans When you want to be comfortable and stylish, leave the slim-fit jeans at home and slip into one of these classically-cut, accommodating trousers instead.


Sometimes, you dress like you’ve got every possible trend on lock. Other times, you just want to be extremely comfortable while still looking nice. Buck Mason’s Classic Fit Jeans are the kind of trousers you slip into during those situations.

The name says it all: classic fit. That means, plenty of room in the hips and the seat, ensuring you won’t feel constricted at any point throughout the day. Planning to gorge at a buffet during lunch break? Not a problem. Helping a friend move into a new flat in the city? Bend, squat, and stride up a flight of stairs to your heart’s content. Need to hide some contraband under your pants because you’re shady like that? Yeah, we guess this could work, too.


The Buck Mason Classic Fit Jeans combines the accommodating, time-honored silhouette with 12-oz selvage denim that’s been milled at a century-old workshop out in North Carolina, creating a stylish-looking garment in a dark indigo shade.   The denim, by the way, isn’t pre-washed or beaten up so it should last you a long while, with the pigments gradually shifting and marbling into subtle and natural fades after many wears, giving the pants an entirely new character over time. It features a classic five-pocket design with a button fly, 10.5-inch mid-rise, a full 16-inch leg opening for accommodating your cowboy boots, chain-stitched hems, and nickel hardware.

Available now, the Buck Mason Classic Fit Jeans is priced at $135.