Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket Designed to wean you off lockdown tees and sweatpants, this unstructured jacket gets you back on the road to dressing dapper.

All those months of wearing nothing but sweatpants, slip-ons, and tees has turned you into the comfiest dresser in the world. Problem is, those same comfy threads won’t quite cut it when you’re back out into the wild, meeting with clients and hanging out with colleagues as life slowly goes back to normal. Sure, you can take out that three-piece suit and awkwardly rock it as you suddenly leave your quarantine clothes behind. Or you can ease yourself into dressing dapper once again with the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket.

Designed to reintroduce a dressier aesthetic to your everyday outfits, it’s an unstructured blazer that looks and feels a lot more casual than traditional suit jackets, all while dressing you up enough to help you find your legs once more. Basically, it’s a nice transition piece while you work your way back from dressing like nobody’s going to see you anyway to looking sharp all throughout the day.

The Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is a relaxed and unstructured blazer cut from a cotton twill blend that’s incredibly light at just 4oz. The cotton is mixed with 3 percent spandex, by the way, so it’s got just enough stretch to give you some movement, all while getting you acclimated to dressing up in a proper suit like a grown man trying to make a good impression should. It has a standard fit that’s meant to be slightly loose and boxy, so you feel generally unconstrained in your clothes just as you have in the last year, all while eliminating the traditional cuff buttons that… let’s be honest… will just get in the way.

Because of the spandex blend, they’re able to remove the traditional back vent found in most blazers, since the minimal stretch is apparently to provide the movement that vent facilitates. It also comes with external patch pockets, as well as two internal welt pockets.

The Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket is available in two colors, jet and sandstone, priced at $150. And yes, they make matching pants, in case you need equally comfortable trousers to ease you out of those sweatpants.

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