Bruder XP-6 Expedition Trailer This military-grade trailer comes with 118 inches of suspension travel, a fully-sealed body, and a luxury-grade interior to keep you pampered in the wild.


When you see the Bruder XP-6, a camper is probably the last thing you’ll think it is. That’s because unlike most camper trailers, the darn thing looks like it’s a military-grade bunker with soldiers ready to pop out of the door. And that’s a good thing because that means, no one’s going to mess with you the next time you take an off-the-grid trip.

Styled to look like a mobile post-apocalypse home, it comes with a body cut in a German-made composite material that’s 50 percent lighter than conventional trailer bodies while delivering high levels of strength and insulation. It also comes with body cell vibration matting, as well as dual compression-isolation mounts, to minimize the effects of riding over rough terrain, so you can sleep peacefully inside while the girlfriend drives through desert, swamp, and rocks. Yeah, she’s the tough one in the relationship.


The Bruder XP-6 boasts an all-original suspension system that delivers over 118 inches of usable adjustment and travel, essentially doubling what most other trailers are capable of handling. Even better, suspension adjustment can be done right from the trailer cabin through a control center, making the process as simple as a few button pushes. It measures 22 x 16.4 x 6.3 feet (l x w x h).


While it looks tough outside, the darn thing is all luxury inside. Appointments include a queen bed, a lounge area, up to four additional bunk beds (optional), a rest room and shower, a filtered climate control, a TV, 360-degree audio, a slide out kitchen that comes out of the side, and a fold-down external dining table under an electronically-controlled awning.


No pricing is listed for the Bruder XP-6, but you can bet it won’t go for cheap.