Bright Path CampGuard More than a camp lantern, Bright Path's latest comes with a 360-degree motion detector, allowing it to double as camp security.


Like any camp lantern, the Bright Path CampGuard can keep any camp site well lit, so you can enjoy any activities you decide to engage in at night. Unlike them, it doubles as a 360-degree motion detector that automatically turns on the lamp whenever it detects movement, lighting up the area when you wake up to take a leak after midnight or scare off any intruders (whether animal, human, or alien) that might wander nearby.

In regular lantern mode, it comes with two illumination settings: 100 lumens for soft lighting and 300 lumens to get things brightly-lit at camp. Use the low light if you just want to see each other while you swap ghost stories over cheap whiskey and switch it on bright when you need to actually get things done (like cooking dinner or dressing your catch earlier in the day).


When switched on, the Bright Path CampGuard’s motion sensors create a 35-foot perimeter that it will monitor continuously, switching the lights on as soon as any movement is detected and switching it back off after 15 seconds of inactivity. Not satisfied a light will protect the camp? It also comes with a loud-sounding alarm that you can switch on to accompany the light, although that would mean waking up everyone as soon as a little bunny starts hopping around your tents (or when you decide to get up and take a leak in the woods).


Available now, the Bright Path CampGuard is priced at $79.99.