Bridgestone Tour B330S Golf Ball Tiger Woods may be still be dressed in Nike for his return this year, but he's switched allegiances when it comes to his golf balls. This is the reason.


Tiger Woods may have come back still wearing Nike from head to toe, but there’s something he won’t be using from the sport apparel outfit: their golf balls. That’s because the 11-time PGA player of the year will now be swinging his clubs at Bridgestone’s Tour B330S.

Designed for golfers who swing at over 105mph like the pros, the balls are designed for optimal performance, from the moment it spins off the driver to the time it rolls down on the green. Simply put, it designed for greater distance and faster speed, ensuring you can maximize every swing like never before.


The Bridgestone Tour B330S has a six percent larger core with a steeper gradient in softness from the inner area to the outer region, allowing the ball to fly faster with minimal spin as it leaves your driver. They also use just a single layer for the core, which facilitates smoother energy transfer and greater power generation. It also comes with the highest-performing cover the outfit has ever produced on a golf ball, delivering maximum greenside spin without losing any of its ability to spin in the rough.

That cover, by the way, benefits from two of the outfit’s proprietary tech: seamless cover and dual dimple pattern. The former eliminates the straight line on the ball, creating a non-uniform parting line that promotes better consistency, while the latter facilitates heightened performance through the strongest winds.

Available now, the Bridgestone Tour B330S is priced at $44.99.

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