Breitling Endurance Pro Designed for athletes, this analog watch combines a lightweight resin case with chronograph, compass, and pulsometer functions.

If you’re serious about wearing a watch that helps you train, it makes no sense to wear anything than a multi-sport GPS watch or a full-fledged smartwatch. Unless, of course, you care more about style than actually having a plethora of monitoring, navigation, and training functions on your wrist. If looking stylish while you’re pounding the pavement (or the trail) is your thing, you’re going to want to check out the Breitling Endurance Pro.

Designed with athletes in mind, the timepiece offers up an analog watch that’s designed to pair nicely with your athleisure ensemble, all while coming in a lightweight build that makes it ideal for active wear. It won’t track your speed, give you directions, or tell you when you need to step up the pace, although it will let you check the time, along with a few essential things, while you’re on the grind.

The Breitling Endurance Pro is billed by some as the spiritual successor to the Breitling Sprint, a 70s-era chronograph for athletes that housed a pulsometer scale for measuring heart rate inside a resin case. The two watches don’t actually look alike, but the new timepiece definitely embraces the same concept. Specifically, it comes with a similar pulsometer scale, giving it an uncommon analog watch function that’s actually useful for training, as well as a resin case that’s lighter than traditional materials the outfit uses for its watch cases. Instead of using the same resin from the 70s, though, the 44 mm case is cut in Breitlight, a modern material that’s 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, all while being thermally stable and completely scratch-proof.

The dial is, unmistakably Breitling, with large indicators, a date function, and a trio of sub-dials for the chronograph and pulsometer functions, with very little empty space between them. Yeah, if you like your watches to look excessively busy, this will be your jam. Surrounding the case is a bi-directional compass bezel, so you can keep track of directions the same way your ancestors did before GPS and watches melded together in the modern sports watches of today.

The Breitling Endurance Pro’s case, by the way, boasts 330 feet of water resistance, so you don’t have to remove it when going on swims, making it just as viable for training triathlons. Inside, it’s powered by a “Thermocompensated SuperQuartz” movement, which, the outfit claims, is 10 times more accurate than conventional quartz. And yes, it’s COSC-certified, so those precision claims will likely hold up if you compare it to a standard quartz timepiece. The case comes in black, with a selection of color accents, each of which is paired with colorful nylon or rubber strap options.

Will people really wear an analog watch for training when the Garmins, Suuntos, and smartwatches of the world are now out in full force? We don’t know. If you haven’t gotten onboard the sports watch bandwagon, though, this is probably as good as you can get for an analog sports watch.

The Breitling Endurance Pro is available now, priced at $3,000.

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