Bowers & Wilkins x Burberry T7 Gold Edition Speaker Bowers & Wilkins' T7 speaker gets the fashion-forward treatment with all-new gold accents and stylish Burberry cases.


If you like your portable Bluetooth speakers with high-end hardware and serious performance chops, it’s hard to go wrong going with Bowers & Wilkins’ T7 model. But what if you prefer your music gear with a little more luxurious feel? That’s exactly what they deliver with the Bowers & Wilkins x Burberry T7 Gold Edition.

That’s right, the two British companies decided to join forces for this special edition release, which combines a custom-designed T7 with an exclusive Burberry case to protect your speaker from the elements. The result is a speaker that performs as good as ever, while looking sexier than any previous iteration, making it a perfect musical companion to the modern gentleman with a keen eye for fashion.


The Bowers & Wilkins x Burberry T7 Gold Edition retains all the great things about the original speaker, so you still get the ultra-long battery life (18 hours), rigid honeycomb cabinet (for reducing vibration and distortion), dual 50mm full-range drivers, dual auxiliary bass radiators, and high-quality class D amplifiers. That means, you get to enjoy the same crystal-clear audio and room-filling sound for properly enjoying your playlists anywhere on the road.


This time around, though, the speaker comes adorned in golden accents, giving the already stylish unit an even more premium feel. Of course, each one comes in a Burberry-designed case in your choice of black leather or tan suede, which comes with a protective suede lining, gold-finish metal Burberry logo, and a durable zipper.

Available now, the  Bowers & Wilkins x Burberry T7 Gold Edition is priced at $995.