Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones Bowers & Wilkins finally brings their flagship headphones to the modern age, fitting the much-acclaimed P7 with Bluetooth for wireless streaming.


We guess 2016 is the year all the best headphones go wireless. Not long after Bose’s flagship cut the cords, Bowers & Wilkins is doing the same with the P7 Wireless, a Bluetooth-streaming version of the top pair of cans in their lineup.

Viewed by some as the best headphones in the sub-$500 range, it’s about time the highly-acclaimed model went untethered, making it just in time for the upcoming drop of smartphones without the normally-ubiquitous 3.5mm slots. The best part is, it retains everything that makes the original such a well-loved pair of cans, ensuring you get the exact same experience save for those times you trip on the headphones cable.


The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless is a circumaural headphone sporting two 40mm drivers with nylon damped cones and CCAW coils, boasting a sound that’s every bit as engineered as the outfit’s reference loudspeakers. Powering the Bluetooth connection is a 370 mAh battery, allowing it to deliver crystal clear sound for up to 17 hours at a time, with a removable 3.5mm cable ready to plug in whenever the battery runs out.


Designed for travel, it comes with a folding design, along with a carrying case for securely transporting during trips. Features include over-the-ear pads with replaceable memory foam cushions for passive noise isolation, two microphones for taking hands-free calls, and a light weight of 323 grams.

Available now, the Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless is priced at $399.99.