Bourbon & Boots Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen A cool gift for the car enthusiast, this antique brass pen comes with a five-speed gear shift on top.


We don’t know how it stacks up to your favorite writing instruments, but if you’re a car fan, it’s nearly impossible to resist not picking up the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen. I mean, it’s a pen with an old-school H-pattern gear shift on top, so you can feel like you’re driving a car while fiddling with your pen as you nervously wait for an angry client to arrive. No, you’ll still probably feel like shit, but it’s a heck of a lot more fun than biting your nails or whatever else you do when you’re extremely anxious.

Made by Bourbon & Boots, it’s the perfect pen for car enthusiasts. We’re not exactly sure whether you can play around with the gear shift (we hope so) or if it controls the pen tip (we hope even more so), but having one of these in a shirt pocket sure makes for a cool way to rep your love of automobiles.


Aside from the five-speed gear shift, the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen comes with a cap sporting authentic-looking tire treads and hubcaps, along with a nib clad in the exact same details. Even the pen clip comes in a crowbar shape to further give the whole thing an industrial feel. Construction is Indian Water Buffallo Horn with antique brass accents. Now, if only it made engine sounds while it wrote, life will be complete. Or something.


Available now, the Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen is priced at $74.