BoomCase USSBoomer Boombox This 100-watt boombox is housed inside a cabinet that once served as an ammo box for the Russian Army, making for one badass-looking setup.


Vintage ammo boxes bring a warm, industrial aesthetic that makes them perfect for repurposing into a whole load of objects. In the case of the USSBoomer, BoomCase transformed them into dilapidated-looking 100-watt boomboxes for blasting your tunes, whether you’re practicing your b-boy moves in the house or on the streets.

Using a cabinet that originally served as an ammo box for the Russian army, this modern boombox brings a unique aesthetic that makes it perfect for keeping in man caves, bachelor pads, and other manly spaces. Of course, you can stash yours in the family living room, too, but we doubt the wife will be too happy seeing an ammo box in a shared space she meticulously decorated. Yeah, that probably isn’t a battle you want to fight.


The BoomCase USSBoomer’s enclosure is an authentic solid wood ammo box once used to hold the 7.62 rimmed rifle cartridges developed and used by the Russian military. The cabinet is barely restored (just enough to make it functional), with the wear and tear of its time in the field clearly reflected on every part of the box. Measuring 16 x 14 x 6 inches, it houses two 5.25-inch Pearl woofers, two dome tweeters, and one flat mid-range speaker, putting out a frequency response of 55hz to 20,000hz.


An onboard rechargeable battery gives it up to 18 hours of playback, with an analog battery meter letting you know how much power it’s got left. Sadly, there’s no onboard Bluetooth, although they offer it as an option for an extra $45. Not bad.

Available now, the Boomcase USSBoomer is priced at $745.

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