BoneDaddy BladeWerx Axxis Hand Axe This unique survival knife offers three edges and 10 grip options, all while lashing into a stick to turn into an axe.

Ever wanted to take off the head off an axe, grip it with your hand, and use your arm like an axe handle? Nah, you probably never have. However, you can do just that with the Axxis.

Billed as a hand axe, it’s a survival knife that’s shaped similar to an axe head, but with grooves and holes that allow you to grip the body without coming in contact with the sharp edges. That way, you can use it for regular survival knife functions, such as cutting rope, splitting twigs, and skinning animals, allowing you to perform regular backcountry tasks using a particularly unique blade.

The Axxis offers 10 different grip options, each one providing the user with eight different finger holds, allowing the user to customize exactly how they want to handle the knife. You can hold it like a conventional knife for performing slicing motions, while you can grab it like an ice pick for hammering down the blade towards a piece of wood you’re splitting. And yes, it’s designed for ambidextrous use, so you get multiple grip options when using either left or right hand. From what we can tell, the outfit doesn’t offer specific grips for every particular task, but we guess that’s part of using something so unique – you can experiment to find exactly the best way to use it with each task you encounter. According to them, though, a three-finger grip is the best option for holding the hand axe, as it allows for a generous amount of axial rotation, which should enable you to swing it with a lot more power, while a four-finger grip offers a secure hold, but only generates enough power for light-duty tasks.

It has a blade edge that extends over three sides, similar to a traditional axe head, giving you three viably sharp options when it comes to striking whatever you’re cutting. Combined, those three sharp edges total 5.5 inches of cutting surface, which is quite impressive for a tool that measures just 7 inches long.

The Axxis isn’t just a hand axe, of course. What makes it special is that you can use the grooves and holes to tie the blade down to any kind of stick or pole, essentially turning it into a more conventional axe. They recommend using the two large holes near the center as the primary lashing points, although, as with the grip, there’s no particular preferred method, so you can, pretty much, tie it any way you like. Each hand axe comes with an equally ambidextrous Kydex sheath, a lightweight carabiner, and 10 feet of paracord that you can use to lash it down.

The whole thing, by the way, is cold forged from a solid hunk of D2 tool steel measuring 0.375 inches thick, making it feel like really substantial when held in your hand. According to the outfit, the material is “exceptionally wear-resistant,” ensuring it can retain its sharp edge over prolonged use in various chopping and cutting tasks.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Axxis. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $135.

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